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Shell to Sea press release

Our position on Minister Dempsey's safety Review was made clear crystal when the review was announced. The Review is addressing questions that we have not asked and has a narrow, technical remit. The announcement of an oral hearing within this context is therefore all about creating the impression of ''consultation'' and openness rather than substance. It is a continuation of the Corrib Gas project's attention to illusion rather than reality.The truth is that public participation has been denied for the last five years on the pipeline. With the State already committed to the project no useful purpose can be served by any pretence at ''consultation''.The people of Rossport have been systematically denied any opportunity or forum for ''consultation'' for the past five years. The refusal by this community to submit to the resultant state sponsored abuse has resulted in five local men being indefinitely detained without trial. This human rights abuse has created an ''Guantanamo Bay'' situation in Ireland. This morally and democratically bankrupt government and their political allies would be better advised to suspend the Corrib gas project pending a full review and a reconfigured plan of development. The Corrib gas project as it currently stands is dead; it died the instant Minister Frank Fahey signed without local ''consultation'' the compulsory acquisition orders that abandoned the people of Rossport to the mercy of Shell and STATOIL.For verification or comment please call Dr. Mark Garavan Spokesperson Shell to Sea 087 9023687

Posted Date: 
22 September 2005 - 12:09pm