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80 days in jail: Statement from Shell to Sea

80 days of imprisonment by Shell and their government partner
It is 80 days since 5 sincere men of principle were jailed by Shell. Talks not imprisonments will resolve this impasse that has exposed the unhealthy state of our democracy.
The men have never rejected negotiations. They have rejected negotiation while being imprisoned. You cannot negotiate under duress and from behind bars. Their Open Letter of early August made this position clear. The way forward is clear: 1. Both sides agree to dialogue 2. In order to facilitate dialogue Shell MUST seek to vacate their injunction
3. The men will then purge their contempt 4. Dialogue can then begin.
We would not expect minister Dempsey or the MD of Shell to conduct talks under duress from a prison cell. To this end Shell/Statoil and their government partners must collapse their injunction so talks can begin. By continuing these imprisonments Shell are rejecting all talks, negotiations and hopes of any future positive involvement with the people of Rossport. The government must begin to purge its contempt for the people of north Mayo by acknowledging their role in providing Shell with a ministerial order that allowed and continues to allow these imprisonments to take place. It is time for this dishonourable government to represent the people and for Shell to collapse their injunction so talks can begin.
Environmental threat from Shell
Protesters at all sites have and will continue to provide full access, assistance and co-operation at all times as required to prevent any damage or potential damage to the local environment. We urgently request that all responsible and relevant agencies access all Shell sites in north Mayo and take immediate control of any environmental threats that may result because of the works or suspension of works by Shell in this area of special environmental concern.

Posted Date: 
15 September 2005 - 7:56pm