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Interview with Vincent McGrath (Rossport 5) mp3

by Robbie Sinnott Monday, Sep 5 2005, 4:05amrobbiesin@gmail.commp3 15mins 128 kbps (c) copyleft Felix Ouolewemen from the Delta Province, Nigeria, and Vincent McGrath of Erris, discuss the impact of Shell et. al., on their respective communities.
Felix speaks for three minutes on some of the devastating effects Shell's oil exploitatoin in conjunction with the Nigerian government have had on his region without the local community seeing any benefits.Vincent then speaks for ten minutes about the situation in Rossport.Felix asks Vincent a few questions at the end.For broadabnd, click this link to hear immediately. connected can download the interview by right-clicking the link and saving the target.Recorded on May 26th, live on radio (Near FM's 'Majority World').Apologies for background hiss, but I recorded this off the radio the next day and signal wasn't perfect.

Posted Date: 
7 September 2005 - 9:40pm