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Campaign Comes To Derry

From the Derry Journal http:>www.derryjournal.comFriday 12th August 2005Supporters of the five men jailed for contempt of court after opposing the Shell gas pipeline in Co. Mayo have taken their campaign for justice to Derry.
The Shell to Sea Network slammed the Irish Government for its position in the case at a public meeting in The Junction, Bishop Street last night.

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Several dozen people attended the meeting that was hosted by the Social Environmental Alliance.
It followed a fundraiser in the city for the five men, dubbed the Rossport Five, who have now been in jail in the Republic for six weeks.
Speaking ahead of the event, Shell to Sea Network spokesperson, Maura Harrington, told the 'Journal' the pipeline posed a series of issues for their community.
She said: ''I will be highlighting the way the state has abandoned its own in favour of corporate suites.
''I will also be campaigning for justice for the Rossport Five and the pursuit for justice for these men who are determined and quite willing to remain in jail until their case is heard.

''There is also the issue of the environment and the affects the pipeline will have on it.
''We are the people who are here at the start of the 21st century and it is up to us to shape the direction in which our country is going at this time.''

Mrs. Harrington said their campaign has received widespread support across the country.

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She added: ''There are many people all over the country who are literally being dumped upon by the state.

''This is a way for all those people to let the state know what they are thinking.

''The fact that these five men have the integrity to take this brave action has encouraged others to stand up for what is right.''

The SEA's Goretti Horgan said the Shell case had parallels with the airport issue in Derry.

She said: ''A lot of issue that face the Rossport Five also face people in Eglinton.

''There are homes that are now endangered by Shell's plans in Co Mayo and there are homes at risk on the Donnybrewer Road because of Ryanair's demands for a longer runway at City of Derry Airport.

''There is also parallels with Raytheon and the arms trade in that politicians are cowering to the demands of multi national companies. It's a case of jobs for any price.''

Posted Date: 
15 August 2005 - 7:19pm