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Rossport 5 appeal for talks

Jailed Mayo men in appeal for talksFrom RTE News15 August 2005 11:58
The five Mayo men jailed for contempt of court arising from their opposition to the Corrib gas pipeline have issued an open letter from prison.
The men have called on Shell and the Government to lift the injunction which led to their imprisonment.
They say they are willing to accept Shell's offer of immediate talks to resolve the current impasse and want the company and the Government partners to stand down their injunction at this time so that they can leave prison to attend these talks.The five men have been in jail for seven weeks because of their opposition to the pipeline which will run through their land and which they claim will be a health and safety hazard.
Shell say they want to build the pipeline to the highest international standards.
It has now suspended work on the project to allow for a full public debate on the issues.

Posted Date: 
15 August 2005 - 12:42am