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Report of usher quay picket

By Rory Hearne, Dublin shell to seaPickets took place across dublin (and nationally) at statoil stations demanding statoil withdraw from thecorrib gas field consortium. around 25 people took part in the one at usher quay in Dublin city centre.There was great support from the motorists and for most of the time the garage was completely empty. some motorists were determined to break the picket anddemanded the gards moved us out of the way. The state and gardai protect the 'democratic' right of motorists to break the protests but of course dont touch the criminal's who have given away the resources that belong to the people of Ireland ie Dempsey,Fahey, Ahern, Burke et al. Its vital now to keep up the momentum of the campaign and get a big crowd to the blockade on September 10th and thousands out on Oct 1st to march to the dail. dublin shell to sea meets on tuesday night in AnTaisce building at 8pm

Posted Date: 
21 August 2006 - 1:08am