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Greens offer to mediate

Two Green Party TDs have offered to act as intermediaries in the case of the five men jailed for obstructing work on the Corrib gas pipeline.The so-called Rossport Five have been in prison for more than four weeks for breaching an injunction ordering them not to obstruct the works.The men say the pipeline is being laid by the global oil firm Shell without ministerial consent and without any independent safety assessment taking place.They have repeatedly refused to purge their contempt of court, despite Shell's agreement to halt works pending a new safety review.Speaking ahead of the meeting with the five jailed protestors today, Green Party chairman John Gormley said: ''Everything must be done to ensure some sort of compromise is brokered.''We hope that we can act as intermediaries and that we can persuade the Government and Shell to act in the best interests of the community so that these men don't have to spend the summer in jail.''<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = ''urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office'' />
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28 July 2005 - 11:01pm