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21/07/2005 Call for picket of Statoil

Jailed ''Rossport 5'' call for picket of Statoil stations for Friday 22nd July. At least 20 statoil stations in Dublin to be picketed The ''Rossport 5'' have called for a day of action against Statoil for tomorrow Friday 22nd July. Statoil owns a 35% stake in the Corrib gas field. Statoil itself is in turn 70% owned by the Norwegian state which leaves that approxomately 25% of the Corrib gas field is owned by the Norwegian government. The Irish govenrnment has no stake in the field.
The aim of the day of action is to put pressure on Statoil to adhere to the same Health & Safety and environmental standards in Mayo that they would have to abide by in Norway. All of Norway's Oil & Gas from the North Sea is processed on offshore platforms. The ''Rossport 5'' and their support group the ''Shelltosea'' campaign have called for the refining of the gas from the Corrib gas field to take place offshore in shallow water. This would solve the ongoing impasse with regard to the proposed unsafe, unsound onshore gas pipeline and the hazerdous onshore refinery.
At least three quarters of Statoil stations around Dublin will be picketed in support of the call to action. On Wednesday 13th July last a letter was handed in to the Norwegian embassy calling on the Norwegian government to ensure that the refining of the gas took place offshore.
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21 August 2006 - 1:08am