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Sample letter to Minister Noel Dempsey

Shell to Sea CampaignRossportCo. Mayo.Ph: 087 9591474Address: ________________________________________________________________Date: __________________Mr. Noel Dempsey,Minister for Marine & Natural Resources,Dáil Éireann,Dublin 2.Re: Proposed onshore gas refinery & pipeline in Mayo.Dear Mr. Dempsey,I am writing to you concerning the proposed onshore gas refinery & pipeline in North West Mayo, which has been highlighted in the media of late, due to the shameful imprisonment of five residents of the area for their opposition to the development.In my opinion there are a number of fundamental problems with this project which compromise the Health & Safety, the Environmental and the Economic development of the region.The type of pipeline proposed between the gas head and the refinery at Belnaboy is unprecedented. It must be laid in unstable bog conditions and were it to rupture and explode given the pressure of the gas therein the consequences would be devastating. It is unnecessary.The refinery under construction in Belnaboy involves the removal ofthousands of tonnes of unstable blanket bog, the burning off of greenhouse gasses in the refining process and the storage of dangerous chemicals needed for the refining process. It is unnecessary.Andy Pyle of Shell has stated that the working refinery will provide only 27 jobs. There is also no guarantee that any of the Gas will stay in Mayo, in Connaught or in Ireland for that matter. If it does, it will be sold to Bórd Gáis at full market price. This in a week where Mr. Tadgh O.Donoghue, chairman of the ESB, has asked for a 10% rise in electricity charges for next year given the increased price of gas worldwide! This is farcical.The straightforward solution to these problems is for state to intervene to ensure that that the gas discovered off the west coast is refined on shallow water platforms in the vicinity of the gas wells.A further move would be to renegotiate the terms of the gas exploration for future finds to ensure some dividend from the family silverware.No one is opposed to the exploitation of this natural resources for the benefit of the people of Ireland. Without your intervention though the only benefit form exploitation of this natural resource will be to foreign multinational corporations. You must intervene!Yours sincerely,_________________Shelltosea Campaign

Posted Date: 
14 July 2005 - 4:50pm