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Rossport is getting ‘Indian Reservation’ treatment

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 Rossport is getting ‘Indian Reservation’ treatment by Sean Owens, The Western PeopleThe people of Rossport stand up for their rights and indeed for people all over Ireland in a peaceful manner. These same rights enshrined in the constitution and for which many great men died and suffered are now under threat. The constitution is under threat as the multi-national Shell E&P brings down the sledge-hammer of the law on the Rossport people. It would be bad enough to have property and rights taken for the general good of the people of Ireland but to have to deliver it up under law to the multi-nationals who do nothing but take our national wealth is beyond comprehension.When gold was found on the Indian Reservations in the pioneer days of America, the Indians were moved on and the gold seized. There is a parallel. When Corrib oil discovered gas, the natives of the deprived state of Connacht were ignored, and the gas so sorely needed for the development of the northwest region, was exported to better-off regions.This is another aspect of the real injustice visited on our people. It has taken the guts of the people of Rossport to highlight the tactics and manipulations employed by Shell and its cohorts who have little care for the safety or welfare of the people they would trample on. Justice will prevail and those who have taken on the task will eventually be vindicated.

Posted Date: 
14 July 2005 - 10:10am