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Address by Brid Ni Sheighin

“My name is Brid Ni Sheighin and my father is in prison at the moment along with four other men because they disobeyed a high court order.We feel that we have been sold out by our government and all the agencies that are supposed to protect the citizens of Ireland. We need support from as many people as possible. We are being used as guinea pigs with regard to the gas pipeline coming through our village. If Shell get away with bringing a pipe with unrefined gas inland by so many houses and across public roads this will set a precedence for similar dangerous developments across the country.We are asking people to support the local residents in Rossport. Come, if you can, to see the reality of the situation. Come and see how close this potentially deadly pipeline is to the main road and to dwellinghouses. There is already a camp site in Rossport with people who are supporting us. We urge the people of this country to picket and boycott Shell and Statoil; the main shareholders in this project.We would appreciate it very much if people would write to the prisoners of conscience, or come to the Four Courts during their appearances. Pressure needs to be put on Minister Noel Dempsey. The Minister in charge of Communications and Natural Resources. We need people to contact his department by phone, e-mail or letter. Go to his clinics.He is the only one who can give consent to lay the high-pressure upstream pipeline. This consent cannot be given.People can also put pressure on their local TDs andpublic representatives. Tell them that this pipeline is unprecedented; and we need it to be independently and scientifically assessed. We will not accept assessments of the risks carried out by one of Shell’s own companies. It must be totally independent. 10 years ago 9 innocent men were hung in Nigeria. Yesterday 5 innocent men were imprisoned in Ireland, all for standing up against the might of Shell and corrupt governments.”

Posted Date: 
5 August 2005 - 5:02pm