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Edited transcript of 'Conversations with Eamon Dunphy & Chuck Feeney, founder of CPI

Extract from radio interview:

Eamon Dunphy: Now we live in a country that many of us believe Chuck to be uncommonly corrupt and you set up here the Centre for Public Inquiry which brought out one report about the Rossport Campaign and the Shell To Sea campaign which was I thought a brilliant report by a brilliant journalist Frank Connelly. What do you make of this place now?
You set that centre up of course, it was subsequently closed down. In many of, in my opinion shall we say, in some peoples opinion, very sadly it had to close.

Chuck Feeney: I can only agree with you but what we were seeking to achieve there we were running into problems because of accusations of different people and we just .. we’ve had such good luck we’ve done more than a 1000 grants in Ireland and so there’s one that didn’t come out the way we thought it would come out. I agree with you that Frank Connelly is a very fine investigative reporter.

ED: He’s done more for public good in this country than any other journalist in my experience, in exposing corruption.

CF: Yes, yes

Posted Date: 
25 January 2008 - 1:36pm