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Community Day at Bellanaboy

Community Day at Bellanaboy
mayo | environment | news report Sunday December 16, 2007 23:53 by JM & VMcG
A special prayer and carol service was held today at Bellanaboy, County Mayo, marking the end of another year of community struggle against Shell's proposed raw gas pipeline and inland refinery.
Cars and people gather
A good humoured gathering of more than 150 local people braved the bitterly cold east wind to take part in the occasion, which was presided over by local priests Fr. Michael Nallen PP and Fr. Sean Noone. A banner declaring "Gan Cead an Phobail" (No Community Consent) was draped over the main gates while people sang Christmas Carols to welcome in the festive season. Also present was Lelia Doolin, a high profile campaigner and member of the Burren Action Group, who travelled from Galway especially for the day. Ms Doolin spoke of the similarities between the Clare and Mayo campaigns, and how the determination of ordinary people can bring about real change.
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more pics
by JM & VMcG Sun Dec 16, 2007 23:59
four more
Standing with the community
Shell To Sea - The Next Generation
Keeping warm in the huddle
Group photo

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