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Pipe line route in trouble

The Irish Times
Tuesday 11th Dec 07

New options for routing the controversial Corrib gas pipeline in north Co Mayo will avoid more houses than the original plan, engineers announced today.
Consultants to the Shell-led consortium proposed deviations to the original plan which, they say, limits the distance the pipeline crosses intact blanket bog at Rossport.
A second change could see less of Sruwaddacon Bay traversed by the pipeline, according to RPS engineering.
Both new "corridors" are also further from housing than the original pipeline route.
The new proposals were developed in response to a sustained campaign against the pipeline - mainly by Shell-to-Sea. The specification and location of the pipeline is a danger to public health and safety and would damage the environment, they say.
PJ Rudden, director of RPS engineering, said the new proposals were taking longer to develop than anticipated because of the public consultation process which was ongoing.
"This time is being put to very good use and will help to make sure that the final outcome will be the identification of a route that strikes the best balance between all of the issues and selection criteria," Mr Rudden said.
"I would urge people to once again take the time to consider the corridor options and give us their feedback," he added.
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Posted Date: 
3 December 2007 - 1:57pm