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Shell’s weekly profits = €375 million. Cost to send Shell to Sea = €360 million which can be completely written off against the 1992 tax deal. Norway's 'Oil Fund' = €52,000 pension fund per person. Norway's gain is Ireland's shame!

"Shell vs.The Public Trust & The Environment"

"The Public has a Right to the Truth - Officials have a Duty to Act"
See web site for story on "Pattern of Shell's Malicious Avoidance of Environmental Responsibilities"

Channel 4 More 4 news on Corrib dispute

Breaking News:

EPA licence decision on IPPC delayed until 28th November 2007

"Fr Sean Noone, parish priest of Pollathomas, fears for the future. "The opponents, portrayed as baddies by Shell, are the prophets when it comes to our environment," he says. "Some people have been attracted by money, and the divisions this has caused will take more than a generation to heal." " Read the full article

See Events section for latest public meetings, fundraisers & gigs supporting the Shell to Sea campaign
Shell To Sea Press Release 24/09/07 - Pipeline routes
Read full statement
Locals hand in 60+ letters to RPS, Shell's consultants, rejecting the proposed pipe line routes in Kilcommon Parish.
4 years ago last week:"massive landslide caused millions of euros worth of damage to the Pullathomas area in Co Mayo where a proposed refinery is to be situated. " ..."Enterprise Energy Ireland (EEI), the main partner in the project, said last week that plans to route a gas pipeline under the mountain where the landslide occurred had already been shelved earlier this year after local objections."
Read the report from the archive - click here
Gas distribution pipe line exploded (100bar pressure)

Flames 100m high jumped river
Fire reached 1000 degrees Celsius
"Like a volcano erupting" say locals
Experts "It was a miracle no-one was killed"
Pipe rupture was due to local landslide
Read the full report & watch the video news of gas explosion

"UP TO THREE new terminals and five new pipelines, for oil as well as gas, are understood to be part of plans for the controversial site at Bellanaboy Bridge in north Mayo."
Sruth Fada Conn Bay:Special Area of Conservation, Special Protection Area
Unanimous motion passed at the Green Party Conference in February 07 "That the Green Party in Government will not approve of a proposed pipeline consent being signed as part of the Corrib Gas Project until the completion of a full, independent review into the best development concept for the project.”

"A significant victory for the Shell to Sea campaign." - read the full article
RPS shortlist 3 pipeline routes - all in Sruth Fada Conn bay

Landowners and residents opposition mobilising in local villages

Recent News:

An Bord Pleanála can't consider entire pipeline, from wellhead to inshore refinery, as its remit does not extend to the foreshore. "An Bord Pleanála has confirmed it is "aware" the entire route will be submitted to it, but its jurisdiction is confined in this case to the functional area of Mayo County Council." ...Read article

Protest at Shell Refinery site Sep. 14th 2007 - watch the YouTube video here
Walking on to the site of the Shell Refinery Sept 14th 2007 - watch YouTube video here
Shell To Sea statement - sit down protest - Friday 14th Sep click here

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine”
Letter of support from Germany Shell To Sea read out at the sit-down protest at Bellananboy 14th Sep 07
Read letter - click here

Watch the RTE news -
Nuacht (In Irish) Click here (Go to time line 06:00)
See Audio & Video for news programmes

Garda tactics at Bellanaboy - Watch YouTube video

Solidarity protests 14th Sep 07 - Local, National & International

Belfast - see pics Bristol - read report Ennis - see pics London - read report Leeds - see pic
Madrid - Solidarity picket in Madrid

Watch all the videos relating to the ongoing Corrib protests - click here

Judge gives Solidarity Camp till 1st Jan 08 to dismantle and vacate their home for the last two years "Judge Harvey Kenny said he appreciated the objectives of the defendants and their reasons for creating the camp." ... Article in Irish Times 4th Sep 07

  • Local water concerns back on top of the agenda: An Taisce threatens to seek redress in Europe if EPA decision grants IPPC license for Bellanaboy "based on Shell’s own monitoring figures, aluminum levels continue to exceed the target level imposed by Mayo County Council. Figures show that on seven days during July aluminum levels exceeded the target level of 200.A level of 200 micrograms of aluminum per one litre of water, which is the recommended World Health Organisation (WHO) level for drinking water, is the agreed target level for the run-off water from the Bellanaboy site. " ... Read full article in Mayo News
  • " Channel Four More 4 news recent coverage on state of the local water "A gas refinery under construction in the west of Ireland has become the focus of an environmental battle, amid claims that aluminium from the works is getting into tap water." Follow this link then click on Watch the report

    Shell & County Mayo: Don't Mention The Water Part 3 (Read the full report here)
    " "Surely we have made a mistake,” was a common reply in the More4 News office when hit with the evidence, especially the lawyers. Planning regulations laid down at the initiation of the Corrib Gas Project and water pollution laws dating back to 1977 were still being ignored. The World Health Organisation (WHO) limits on aluminium in drinking water at Carrowmore Lake, the drinking water source for 10,000 people in Erris, and even in the tap water were being exceeded to dangerous levels. " "
    ..."The response from MCC was to cover up all the waterways and visible evidence of pollution coming from the site, and hide all drinking water test results."
    ..."The IMC UK reports and video were released in April and the More4 video report followed in June, both exposing aluminium levels exceeding 3500ug/l - over 17 times the emergency levels imposed on SEPIL by MCC."

    Kazakhstan halts Shell due to fears over the environment ... read article
    Monday 27th August : Shell To Sea protesters on site at Bellanaboy - Full story - Click on this link
    Willie Corduff on BBC World News TV's flagship show HARDTalk (watched by 60 million viewers) Watch on the internet (use this link) then click on Watch button View programme repeat details here
    Shell claim Gardai are not working for them .. Letter to the Celtic League
    Previous claims by Shell that they didn't supply arms to Nigerian police to guard Shell installations

    "After London's Observer newspaper published copies of the transaction documents, Shell admitted supplying the Nigerian military government with arms. In a May 12, 1994 internal memo, Major Paul Okuntimo of the Rivers State Internal Security Task Force, a special military agency, wrote: "Shell operations are impossible unless ruthless military operations are undertaken for smooth economic activities to commence."
    Ten days later, Ogoni leader Ken Saro-Wiwa was arrested; less than six months later he and eight others who had protested government policies were executed."
    ....Read article

    Shell To Sea protest at Norwegian Embassy (last week) - See pics

    Previous Shell To Sea protests at the Norwegian Embassy ..... click here to see details on indy media

    What is the point of the Greens in government? "If the Greens cannot deliver on policies directly under their control then what is their purpose in government?"

    Shell E & P Ireland deny dead pilot whale on Glengad beach is linked to their seismic survey in Broadhaven Bay.

    A 4.5 metre long-finned pilot whale that was found dead on Glengad beach overlooking Broadhaven Bay on Friday 3rd August. Locals are concerned that this unusual discovery may be associated with the offshore activities associated with oil and gas exploration, including the on-going seismic survey of Sruth Fada Conn and Broadhaven Bay being conducted on behalf of Shell E&P Ireland. more details
    Feile Iorrais
    Shell's "donations" in north Mayo - Shell to Sea Press Release 12th Aug 07
    Shell To Sea thanks "artists who expressed their public support for our community during the recent Feile Iorrais." Read full press release
    Shell supporters try to intimidate Galway poet, Rita Ann Higgins Read the full story Call for Shell to disclose local sponsorship deals
    Artists with integrity question Shell''s sponsorship of local festival in Erris Read more.... Latest Other articles

    Irish goverment set to increase tax on oil & gas revenues from offshore exploration.

    "Minister for Energy Éamon Ryan has held informal talks in north Mayo over the past two days with residents involved in the Corrib gas pipeline dispute...."
    "Shell to Sea spokesman in north Mayo John Monaghan said he had not met Mr Ryan yesterday as his group was still seeking formal discussions. "We don't want to get into a situation that occurred with Government mediator Peter Cassells, where any dialogue is not open and transparent," Mr Monaghan said."
    "At the same time we have to welcome the fact that he is making the effort to visit the area," Mr Monaghan said. "Mr Ryan had indicated his willingness to have formal talks, but had said he could not meet the campaigners formally at this point." Read the full story....
    A motion was unanimously passed at the Green Party Conference in February last: “That the Green Party in Government will not approve of a proposed pipeline consent being signed as part of the Corrib Gas Project until the completion of a full, independent review into the best development concept for the project.”" Read more

    Article in The Mayo Echo 8th Aug 07
    Too little, too late

    European Commission's environment directorate is to conduct a preliminary investigation into the Corrib gas project
    Read more....

    Petition to European Parliament:

    Explosion hits gas pipeline in Russia
    Gas pipe explosion

    Other recent news
    Rossport Solidarity Camp Face Threat of Eviction - Court update

    Court report
    Background story...

    The Shell to Sea "lock-on" at Bellanaboy bridge Friday 13th July 07
    Bellanaboy bridge lock on...Bellanaboy events from 11th July
    Indy Media report & Video footage

    SUMMARYAn international delegation of human rights and environmental justice investigators visited County Mayo Ireland at the request of a number of local residents concerned with public safety, environmental impacts, free speech and human rights issues arising from a gas pipeline and on-shore refinery project being constructed by Royal Dutch Shell and its partners.Read full report ....

    Shell/Gardaí/RPS invades private land in Pollatomish
    Under investigation by Gardái Ombudsman

    Local residents show their opposition to Shell's plan to pipe the gas under high pressure up the Sruwaddacon Bay

    An Taisce: An Taisce are to prepare legal complaint to European Commission over alleged breaches of EU directives in relation to the Corrib gas project. Read more...

    This aerial photo of the refinary site clearly shows the future intentions of the Corrib Consortium to develop the entire forest as a circa 500 acre massive refinery. "UP TO THREE new terminals and five new pipelines, for oil as well as gas, are understood to be part of plans for the controversial site at Bellanaboy Bridge in north Mayo. "

    Read more....

    Shell To Sea calls for meetings with Green Party cabinet members John Gormley and Eamon Ryan
    Shell To Sea Press Release 26/06/07

    Health and Safety:

    Shell denies link to rising aluminium levels in water supply: Aluminium levels at over 200 times recommended World Health Organisation.
    Mayo County Council "very concerned that aluminium levels had not been reduced to agreed targets by Shell" ..... Read more
    Diesel Spill:
    First noticed at 4:30pm Sunday 25th March, diesel spilling out of Bellanaboy into local water course which feeds Carrowmore lake. Council, Shell & PMC alerted. 26 hours later, Shell attempt to control the spill. (Finally - diesel pumped out on Friday 30th March.....

    "I don't think any company, even Shell, umh, will introduce expensive safety measures unless they have to" Christy Loftus - Shell's Communications Officer in Mayo. (Those Who Dance - Part 2 0f 5 - timeline 07:54)
    Natural Resources: What happened to the €50 billion of gas reserves belonging to the people of Ireland?

    Norway's oil fund
    Norway's gain in Ireland's shame

    Goldman Environmental award:

    Willie Corduff has won the Goldman Environmental Prize 2007 which is the world's largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists.
    Willie's profile on the Goldman Award page (Including video of Willie Corduff)
    The Goldman Environmental prize

  • Ken Sara-Wiwa in 1995 : Executed over his opposition to Shell's activities in Ogoniland in the Niger delta.

    Willie Corduff in 2007 : Jailed for 94 days because of his opposition to Shell's activities in Erris (BOgoniland).

    Legal: High Court rules that Shell must pay legal costs of Corrib gas pipe line opponents estimated at €1 million

    • Counterclaims against Shell and the State are being pursued by landowners Brid McGarry and Brendan Philbin.
    • An Taisce is monitoring the EPA decision, pending appeal to Europe on grounds of breaches of EU directives.
    • The EU Parliament's Petitions Committee is pursuing a submission lodged by former Shell to Sea spokesman Dr Mark Garavan.
    • Permanent injunctions against Rossport residents dropped
    • Shell to pay costs
    • Legal questions about pipeline still in High Court | | |

    Shell pays out millions to settle reserves scandal: "without admitting blame"! | related story | Background to Shell reserves scandal

    Monitor Mayo County Council's 'News on the Gas Terminal'

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    Willie Corduff has won the Goldman Environmental Prize 2007 which is the world's largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists.
    Willie's profile on the Goldman Award page (Including video of Willie Corduff)
    The Goldman Environmental prize

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