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PHOTO ESSAY: 14th September at Bellanaboy

PHOTO ESSAY: 14th September at Bellanaboy
national | miscellaneous | news report Tuesday September 25, 2007 15:19 by Dublin Shell to Sea dublins2s at gmail dot com 085-1609850
Public meeting tonight (Tuesday) at Teacher's Club
Here are photographs of the last sit-down protest at Shell's proposed refinery at Bellanaboy on Friday morning, September 14th, 2007 (photos are used courtesy of William Hederman). Further days of support/sit-down protests are planned, beginning on Friday, October 12th. A public meeting will be held tonight at the Teacher's Club in Dublin to discuss the future of the campaign. Rossport Resident John Monaghan will be among the speakers.
7.20am outside the gates of the refinery site
Dublin Shell to Sea are holding a public meeting on Tuesday 25th September, at 7:30pm in the Teachers Club on Parnell Square West.It is felt that the Shell to Sea campaign is moving into a crucial stage, and we ask all supporters to get involved in supporting the inspiring community in Erris, Co. Mayo, in their struggle for justice.All supporters of Shell to Sea are urged to attend this meeting as the aims and strategy for the next 3 months will be discussed.John Monaghan, Erris Co Mayo resident and Shell to Sea national spokesperson will speak at the event to bring people up to date on what is happening. For further information please contact 085-1609850Event notice:, Monday, Shell to Sea issued the following statement:Last week saw the latest declaration from Shell on it's search for an alternative Corrib gas pipeline route. This process has been openly rejected by the local community for not addressing the fundamental concerns. Despite repeatedly calling for a broader solution to the proposed refinery project, the wishes of the community are being consistently ignored by Shell and its partners.Letters were randomly sent out to households in the vicinity of Sruth Fada Conn - the estuary targeted by Shell's consultants as the location for the planned upstream pipeline - effectively notifying people of the decision to force a pipeline through Kilcommon parish.Every technical study has shown the Corrib gas project will expose people to unprecedented risks; the risk of fire and explosion at public places and in their homes, risks to drinking water, risks to health and to the environment.This afternoon, at 4.00pm, people from the area will return their letters to RPS at Seafield House in Belmullet to clearly show their opposition to a process that continues to ignore reality… true consultation has never taken place.There is no community consent for an expanding refinery complex in Erris. There is no community consent for a raw-gas pipeline. There is no community consent for the Corrib gas project.
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Sit-down outside the gates

Going over the gates
Inside the site

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Five more images
by Dublin Shell to Sea Tue Sep 25, 2007 15:24
Going over the inner fence

Back outside the main gates
Gardai and Shell security filming over the gates
Legal observer

Five more images
by Dublin Shell to Sea Tue Sep 25, 2007 15:28
The view from outside the gates
Out on the road
Campaigners sitting on the road, surrounded by gardai
Crosses by the road, commemorating the Ogoni Nine, executed in Nigeria in 1995

Last three images
by Dublin Shell to Sea Tue Sep 25, 2007 15:37
First aid
John Monaghan reads a message of support from Nuremburg Shell to Sea (Germany)
Sit-down protest

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25 September 2007 - 3:07pm