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Clare Shell to Sea Picket - 14th Sept '07

Clare Shell to Sea Picket - 14th Sept '07.
clare | environment | news report Saturday September 15, 2007 09:19 by Clare Shell to Sea clareshelltosea at gmail dot com 085 1607287
In Solidarity with Mayo and today's Sit-Down Protest at Bellanaboy.
It's been clear for the last 2 years that the argument against the Shell Corrib Gas Project is won.And the amount of cars beeping their horns in Ennis this evening is testament to the support for Shell to Sea, genuinely.The Government continue in their refusal to debate the arguments and negotiate a settlement, and they persist in using force against the protests at Bellanaboy, a protest that has gained national and international support and recognition as ... LEGITIMATE & JUST.Greens - You have buried your heads in the Fianna Fáil mire. Yoy are complicit now. You are proving yourselves to be unreliable and unworthy of trust. The Green Party pumps for Shell.

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15 September 2007 - 10:57am