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SHELL TO SEA PRESS RELEASE 05/09/2007 - Sit-Down Protest

Shell To Sea is holding a sit-down protest at Shell's proposed Bellanaboy refinery site on the morning of Friday 14th September to highlight the ongoing community campaign against the controversial Corrib gas development. The campaign has always accepted and employed the legitimate use of non-violent direct action as a tool of opposition to the proposed project, particularly when the very lives of people are directly threatened by the actions and inactions of Shell, Statoil, Marathon and the bodies of local and national government.Under the Articles of Bunreacht na hÉireann and the Aarhus Convention Shell To Sea acknowledge the right and duty of every individual to seek justice on and show opposition to the project in a responsible way, and support actions based on the principles of Truth and Non-violence.In contrast, any methods employing deception and/or verbal and physical assault on any person, by any individual, are to be condemned without reservation.This protest will give people the chance to clearly show their opposition to the Corrib development, and anyone is free to attend as either a participant or observer.Shell To Sea is steadfastly opposed to the ongoing activities on the Corrib gas refinery and associated pipeline, and again call on those willing to bring about an end to the current project by all legitimate means… only then can a lasting solution of benefit to all be fully realised.ENDFor comment or verification call John Monaghan on +353 86 3123439or Seán Harrington on +353 86 2670529
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Posted Date: 
5 September 2007 - 12:10am