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Shell threaten to clear Ogoni 9 memorial crosses from site opposite Bellanaboy: Shell continue to throw their weight about in the local area. 24hr vigil by Shell To Sea to save the crosses.
The memorial site where the crosses were placed in Nov 2005 has been blessed. May the souls of Ken Sara Wiwa and the other Ogoni environmentalists rest in peace.
"On November 10, 1995, internationally renowned author and human rights and environmental activist Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other activists were hanged in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Arrested and held for months without charges, tortured while under detention, and sentenced to death by a "Special Tribunal" convened in violation of international law, these men were executed for their peaceful efforts to defend the indigenous Ogoni people of Nigeria from abuses caused by oil extraction activities of Shell Nigeria. Ten years later, despite facts that tie Shell to the executions of the Ogoni 9 and to the continuing abuse of the Ogoni people, Shell still denies culpability, and its own internal reports show it is still part of the problem. "

John Egan, now External Affairs Manager, Shell E&P looks on at Bellanaboy

When John Egan was a BBC journalist, 22nd Apr 1999 he was quoted as saying
"Ever since the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other activists in 1995, this region (Niger Delta) has been seething with anger. Saro-Wiwa had been fighting against environmental degradation of his native Ogoniland by the Shell oil company."
Now he is a member of Ballina Chamber of Commerce and supported the election of the pro Corrib Gas project TD recently elected. No wonder Shell want the crosses moved! Shell don't want the public to be reminded that the tribunal which convicted the men was part of a joint effort by the government and Shell to suppress a growing movement among the Ogoni people: a movement for environmental justice, for recognition of their human rights and for economic justice. Shell has brought extreme, irreparable environmental devastation to Ogoniland.

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26 June 2007 - 7:35pm