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Call on Kenny to show leadership on Corrib Gas issue

Call on Kenny to show leadership on Corrib Gas issue
May 9, 2007 at 11:45 am | In Statements |

Today marks the end of the EPA oral hearing into whether Shell should be granted a pollution control licence. A number of grave issues have arisen during the course of the hearing which once again underline the unsuitability of the proposed project. These include the location of the proposed gas refinery in a water catchment area and the unilateral decision taken by Shell to cold vent methane subsequent to the grant of planning permission and without community consultation.
The limited terms of reference within which the EPA must operate means that many of the critical issues raised at the Hearing fall outside their remit. What is clearly needed is an integrated and inclusive open investigation into the best development model for the Corrib Gas project. Only this can resolve the conflict.
I have proposed with Dr Jerry Cowley the establishment of an Independent Commission to determine the optimum development model for the Corrib gas project. This would be an open-to-all, participative process which would be guided by the criteria of best technology and community consent. This proposal is supported by all the parties in opposition except Fine Gael.
I now make a direct appeal to Enda Kenny, as a possible future Taoiseach, to finally support the Independent Commission proposal as the only viable option on the table. If he does not then he should publicly state his alternative solution so that this unnecessary conflict in Mayo can be ended. It is surely incumbent on all candidates for high office to clearly state their position on the Bellanaboy project and to exercise leadership in resolving this conflict.

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9 May 2007 - 11:50am