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Oil and gas industry representatives ‘rocked’ by council motions
Oil and gas industry representatives ‘rocked’ by council motions
The Irish Offshore Operators’ Association, which lobbies on behalf of the multinational exploration industry, has written to TDs in response to motions passed by local authorities calling for the renegotiating of deals giving away our natural resources.
That’s according to Mayo Sinn Féin General Election candidate Councillor Gerry Murray. He was speaking after attending a session of the Environmental Protection Agency’s oral hearing on the Corrib gas project.
“Shell, Statoil and others in the oil and gas industry are clearly worried that the message is getting through to the public that the Irish people should and could benefit far more from the resources found in our own coastal waters,” Cllr Murray said.
“They have tasked their agents to try and counter the overwhelming case put forward by Sinn Féin and others that this government and its predecessors capitulated to the multinationals and deprived the Irish people of much needed revenue – revenue that could have been used to fund our health and education systems and real infrastructural development in the west of Ireland.
“Shell and their friends in this Government know that any deal negotiated can be revisited. I recently brought information into the public domain on how the Democratic Party in the US pushed through legislation enabling that government to increase the revenue take from oil and gas finds. It can be done. Sinn Féin are committed to renegotiating terms on previous, current and potential finds in Irish waters.
“We had cross-party support for our motions that passed through Mayo local authorities. This has rocked the oil and gas industry. This is what has provoked their desperate attempt to influence TDs,” Cllr Murray concluded.

Posted Date: 
4 May 2007 - 7:32pm