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Renegotiation of Corrib deal
The Western People
Wednesday, April 04, 2007 Renegotiation of Corrib deal SIR - I read with interest that Mayo County councillors agreed on a motion to asked the Government to renegotiate the agreement with Shell E& P Ireland. This is really astonishing.
I have always said that the Western People provided a great service to the people by accurate, balanced and extensive coverage of the Corrib gas story. In 2001 I sent an open letter to all Mayo councillors outlining concerns about the Corrib gas project. I received one response. The Western People printed this open letter (WP 02/05/2001) which I hoped would open up an informed debate about the project with the best possible outcome of setting up the project in the right manner, in accordance and compliance with EU and Irish legislation and to the best advantage and benefit to the local area.
I finished my letter with “Any politician promoting a project should know the negative and positive facts. Ignorance is not bliss, even if it is politically convenient.”
Now it seems it is not ‘ignorance is bliss’ but with an election around the corner, politicians are voting on motions that are meaningless and designed purely as populous stunts. In summer 2000 Enterprise Energy Ireland (Shell E & P Ireland only took over in 2002) kick started the Corrib project. Some local people (not to be confused with Shell to Sea campaign which only came on the scene in summer 2005) decided to take up the right to participate in the planning process and be actively involved in the development of our local area and to make sure that the development is in accordance with the law of the land and no short-cuts taken. It turned out to be a difficult struggle.
When there was time and a chance to participate and change the project for the better, where were the councillors that now are all for renegotiate Shell E & P Ireland’s terms with the government?
Will the councillors sitting behind and supporting the people in 2002 at the An Bord Pleanala oral hearing into the planning application to build a gas refinery please come forward? Defeaning silence.
I have no reason to make an apology for participating in the planning process and taking up my rights and responsibility in a democracy.
Such a pity the councillors didn’t do the same, the outcome could have been quite different to what we witness now.
Monica Muller, Rossport

Posted Date: 
4 April 2007 - 7:59pm