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Welcome for Red C Opinion Poll Findings

Tuesday 27th March 07
We warmly welcome today’s Red C opinion poll findings published in The Western People. These show that 55% of respondents support an off-shore processing of the Corrib gas and that by a ratio of 2:1 respondents hold either the government or Shell responsible for the Corrib gas conflict.These findings are the fifth consecutive opinion poll showing a clear majority in Mayo supporting the off-shore processing of the Corrib field. This demonstrates that opposition to Shell’s project is the mainstream view in Mayo. Shell’s insistence on developing Corrib on-shore at Bellanaboy does not have the agreement of most of the people of Mayo.We call again for the Corrib gas conflict to be brought to an end and for a speedy and agreed solution to be found. As we said in our joint statement of March 12th a solution is possible but it requires leadership and political will to make it happen. It is simply not good enough that this has been so lacking and that political representatives have washed their hands of the problem. The people of Mayo not only deserve better but it is clear from today’s poll that they demand better. We, for our part, will continue to work with all means at our disposal to achieve an agreed solution.Dr Jerry CowleyDr Mark Garavan

Posted Date: 
27 March 2007 - 2:17pm