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Renewed call for an Independent Commision
Joint Statement - Dr Jerry Cowley & Dr Mark Garavan March 12th, 2007
In our joint statement of February 12th we pledged that we would work together to achieve a political solution to the Corrib gas conflict. To this end, we call again for the establishment of an Independent Commission to determine the optimum development model for the Corrib project under an agreed set of criteria including that of community consent. While we welcome the decision of the EPA to hold an oral hearing we need a far more comprehensive, root and branches review of the project. The Corrib gas conflict needs to be resolved. It has gone on for far too long. There is a solution possible but what is required is leadership and political will to make it happen. It is simply not good enough that this has been so lacking. It is not good enough that those with political responsibility have washed their hands of the problem. The people of North Mayo deserve better. In the absence of any effort to resolve the issue the situation on the ground in the communities affected by the project is tense and volatile. We are concerned that Shell’s insistence on proceeding with construction of the refinery prior to an agreement regarding a production pipeline and prior to EPA approval will deepen the dispute. We are deeply concerned at the potential that exists for further serious conflict.

For our part, we will work towards achieving a solution. In our respective electoral campaigns for Dail and Seanad, we will argue for the establishment of an agreed Independent Commission. We ask that people of goodwill and in positions of influence support us in this effort. A solution is not only possible, it is essential.

Posted Date: 
12 March 2007 - 5:02pm