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Shell’s weekly profits = €375 million. Cost to send Shell to Sea = €360 million which can be completely written off against the 1992 tax deal. Norway's 'Oil Fund' = €47,000 pension fund per person. Norway's gain is Ireland's shame!
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Channel 4 More 4 news on Corrib dispute

Shock, disbelief and anger in community as 3 more Shell protesters jailed
Update - 3 jailed fishermen to appeal their convictions - now out on bail

The Shell to Sea "lock-on" at Bellanaboy bridge Friday 13th July 07


SUMMARYAn international delegation of human rights and environmental justice investigators visited County Mayo Ireland at the request of a number of local residents concerned with public safety, environmental impacts, free speech and human rights issues arising from a gas pipeline and on-shore refinery project being constructed by Royal Dutch Shell and its partners.Read full report ....
REPORT RECOMMENDATIONSThe situation in County Mayo arising from the Royal Dutch Shell pipeline and on-shore refinery has already resulted in serious injury,loss of trust in the rule of law and the Gardai and disruption to the culture and values of the area.No outside intervention by the European Union or World Human Rights protection entities has occurred to remedy the situation. This lack of action and appropriate response threatens to create an even more explosive situation.We recommend the following:1) Global organizations specializing in human rights investigations, should further investigate this crisis.2) Appropriate legal action should be immediately taken by such entities with the resources to fully prosecute any violations of human rights and international agreements.3) The to-be-installed Ombudsman should take up the already filed complaints against Gardai behavior and swiftly and thoroughly deal with them in order to restore confidence among the local community.4) The local and national authorities of the Irish government must immediately recognize that the situation in County Mayo could result in further serious injury to protestors, the public and members of the Gardai. Action should be taken to restore order and peace to the region through the intervention of neutral third parties.

An Taisce to prepare legal complaint to European Commission over alleged breaches of EU directives in relation to the Corrib gas project.
The above aerial photo of the refinary site clearly shows the future intentions of the Corrib Consortium to develop the entire forest as a circa 500 acre massive refinery.
"UP TO THREE new terminals and five new pipelines, for oil as well as gas, are understood to be part of plans for the controversial site at Bellanaboy Bridge in north Mayo. " Read more....

Shell To Sea calls for meetings with Green Party cabinet members John Gormley and Eamon Ryan
Shell To Sea Press Release 26/06/07
Petition to European Parliament:

Same old story: Shell invades private land in local village of Pollatomish
Shell's private army uses brute force and arrogance to force security cabin onto private pier.
Update - Landowner now hospitalised after incident (Garda Ombudsman to investigate) & cabin finally removed from pier

20+ locals injured.
watch video of JCB forcing locals off their private property (QuickTime format 3 mins)
Part2 Part3
Watch Youtube footage
Shell to Sea 11 June '07: digger and cops 1/3Shell to Sea 11 June '07: digger and cops 2/3 Shell to Sea 11 June '07: digger and cops 3/3
Local landowners forced to go to solicitors for protection
Local pier is private property - Shell/RPS/Gards given legal notice to clear off pier by 14:00 today (Tuesday 12th June)

Take notice that we the Solicitors for Patrick McGrath, the registered owner of Folio ..... County Mayo, hereby require the removal of this hut from the lands of Folio ...... forthwith. In the event that the hut has not been removed by 14:00hrs on the 12th June 2007, legal action seeking an injunction and damages will be taken against you without further notice. Yours Faithfully, Clarke & Flynn

RTE news
"Vincent McGrath of the Rossport Five said that the physical confrontation developed when about 50 residents and Shell to Sea supporters attempted to stage a peaceful protest. "They [ the gardaí] refused to make arrests, and allowed a JCB to drive down towards us, putting lives at risk,"he said." Read more...

Shell to Sea: Green Party must remember it's commitment on environment, resources and rights
Latest motion passed at Green Party convention: 'That the GP in government will not approve of a production pipeline consent being signed as part of the Corrib gas project until the completion of a full, independant review into the best development concept for the project.'

Mark Garavan "I welcome the unanimous vote at the Green Party conference that the Greens in government would not sign a pipeline consent for the Corrib gas project until a full, independent review has been conducted into the project."....

Norway's gain is Irelands shame:


More Greenwash from Shell: Friends of the Earth report Shell to the Advertising Standards Authority

"Friends of the Earth is today, 8 May 2007, filing a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about a Shell advert that makes exaggerated and misleading green claims about the oil giant's operations. Shell's advert depicts the outline of an oil refinery emitting flowers rather than smoke and claims that it uses its "waste CO2 to grow flowers and waste sulphur to make concrete."

"Shell is one of the world's dirtiest companies. People living next door to Shell's refineries around the world can vouch for that. Shell should spend money cleaning up its mess, not on deceiving the public with expensive, dishonest adverts. We hope that the advertising standard authorities will take immediate action to withdraw the advert and order Shell to air a correction to the audiences reached with the misleading advert."
"In Durban (South Africa), for example, Shell emits 7,300 tonnes of sulphur dioxide a year, much of which it could recover and reuse. People living near Shell's refinery suffer from high rates of asthma and respiratory diseases, thought to be caused as a result of breathing in high levels of sulphur dioxide." Read more...


Goldman Environmental award:

Willie Corduff has won the Goldman Environmental Prize 2007 which is the world's largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists.
Willie's profile on the Goldman Award page (Including video of Willie Corduff)
The Goldman Environmental prize

Ken Sara-Wiwa in 1995 : Executed over his opposition to Shell's activities in Ogoniland in the Niger delta.

Willie Corduff in 2007 : Jailed for 94 days because of his opposition to Shell's activities in Erris (BOgoniland).


Legal: High Court rules that Shell must pay legal costs of Corrib gas pipe line opponents estimated at €1 million

  • Permanent injunctions against Rossport residents dropped
  • Shell to pay costs
  • Legal questions about pipeline still in High Court | | |

Health and Safety:

Forest fire rages next to Bellanaboy refinery site:
Read more local coverage

"PJ Moran, a farmer in Glenamoy and member of the Shell to Sea campaign, told The Irish Times the fire had spread to within 300 to 400 yards of the Shell terminal site at one point on Sunday night.
The blaze was in close proximity to the original onshore pipeline route across the Glenamoy river, he said, and highlighted once again the serious health and safety issues surrounding the project.
The fire risk posed by adjoining forestry had been raised at the Bord Pleanála oral hearings into the terminal.
The appeals board inspector, who was seriously concerned about the control of dangerous substances on the terminal site, said in his report that it was "unclear whether there would be a requirement to remove forestry within the vicinity of the site", and noted that the "threat of bogland fires during dry periods is unknown"." ...Read full article

Shell denies link to rising aluminium levels in water supply: Aluminium levels at over 200 times recommended World Health Organisation.
Mayo County Council "very concerned that aluminium levels had not been reduced to agreed targets by Shell" ..... Read more
Diesel Spill:
First noticed at 4:30pm Sunday 25th March, diesel spilling out of Bellanaboy into local water course which feeds Carrowmore lake. Council, Shell & PMC alerted. 26 hours later, Shell attempt to control the spill. (Finally - diesel pumped out on Friday 30th March.....

"I don't think any company, even Shell, umh, will introduce expensive safety measures unless they have to" Christy Loftus - Shell's Communications Officer in Mayo. (Those Who Dance - Part 2 0f 5 - timeline 07:54)

Natural Resources:What happened to €50 billion of gas reserves belonging to the people of Ireand?

Norway's gain is Irelands shame:
Norway's Gain - Ireland's shame
"Yesterday, the Norwegian Central Bank reported that the country's 'Oil Fund' - the revenues from the oil and gas industry extracted by the Norwegian State for the pensions of its citizens - stood at a whopping NOK 1,784 trillion (about USD 291 billion) by the end of 2006. This is equivalent to 220.6 billion euros. Given Norway's population of 4.7 million this amounts to there being 46,900 euro invested for pension purposes for every citizen"...Statement from Dr Mark Garavan, NUI Seanad Candidate

Shell pays out millions to settle reserves scandal: "without admitting blame"! | related story | Background to Shell reserves scandal
Shell admits it misled investors: "I am becoming sick and tired of lying" says Shell executive ...

Monitor Mayo County Council's 'News on the Gas Terminal'

Time to monitor the monitors?

Cold venting of gas doesn't have planning permission

Shell to Sea spokesman, Dr Mark Garavan has criticised Mayo County Council for not replying to a letter, questioning Shell’s planning permission for the proposed Bellanaboy refinery. “We are very concerned that we have not received a reply regarding the fact that there was essential information omitted about the cold-venting of gas in the original EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) submitted to the Council,” said Dr Garavan. The cold-venting of methane gas means it is released straight into the environment. According to Dr Garavan it is a health and safety issue, which, under planning legislation, is the sole prerogative of the Council.

Letter to Mayo County Council 18th Oct 2006

Letter to Mayo County Council 24th Oct 2006

Letter to Mayo County Council County Secretary 7th Jan 2007
Reply from Mayo C.C. County Secretary 12th Jan 2007

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