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Activists shut down construction of LNG gas terminal
PRESS RELEASE 14.02.2007Protesters against the continued and unrestrained promotion of fossil fuelprojects by the UK government have blockaded the main vehicle access routeinto the new LNG pipeline terminal near Milford Haven, South Wales. Theiraim is to highlight the serious environmental and safety issuessurrounding this project, and to call for a more sober approach to theimpending energy crisis.Eight people have physically blocked the site access road, south of thevillage of Herbranston, S. Wales, preventing construction vehicles fromentering the giant LNG terminal.These protestors, inspired by the 2006 Camp for Climate Action, aretargetting the construction of the Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminal andpipeline in South Wales. The actions aim to disrupt the work to thelargest extent possible. Climate chaos is the greatest threat humanity hasever faced yet the British government and a conglomerate of Corporationsare recklessly constructing this new carbon intensive energy project.The development of LNG terminals in the UK is locking us into thirty yearsof yet more fossil fuels, in an era in which dramatic cuts in carbon arecrucial. The Department of Trade Industry last week, gave permission forphase two of the LNG pipeline to be built. Yet, this project starklyreveals the incompatibility between the so-called need for 'energysecurity', and the far more pressing need to substantially diminish ouruse of fossil fuels.Limiting global warming to a 2 degree increase with a relatively highcertainty requires the equivalent concentration of CO2 to stay below 400ppm. Achieving this means rich countries, like the UK, cutting theiraverage emissions by around 90% by 2030.A protestor said "A 90% cut in 25 years is going to require not just newtechnologies, but different cultures, different economies, differentexpectations - in short, a different way of life."The development of LNG terminals in the UK opens up previously unavailablecarbon intensive natural gas to our energy markets, to the severedetriment of support for clean decentralised renewables. Furthermore,bringing gas from the Middle East is a much more energy intensive processthan retrieving gas from the North Sea.There are also substantial safety issues attached to this project. Studiesshow that an accident or terrorist attack at the Milford Haven terminalswould cause "major injuries and significant damage to structures" within aradius of a third of a mile and could cause second-degree burns more thana mile away.The terrain through which the pipeline will run has been extensively minedand is prone to subsidence in places. Needless to say, the installation ofa massively pressurised gas pipeline through unstable land is highlydubious. Locals, fearing for their safety, have had their questionsignored. Concerns about the material used and quality of welding employedhave not been properly addressed. Many members of affected communitiescontinue to vocally protest, but with little recognition.Protestors have chosen to take direct action today to show theirsolidarity with communities along the pipeline and to stop this morallyindefensible fossil fuel de-struction project.Contact: Sarah White 07901862522ACTION REPORTSince November there has been lots of protests around the gas pipelinecurrently being constructed in Wales, and shortly Englans. Today peoplepaid a visit to sunny pembokeshire to take direct action on one of theroot causes of climate change; fossil fuel corporations seeking moreprofits for their shareholders.Five people blockaded the main access to the construction site for sixhours, resulting in huge tailbacks and the typical enormous policepresence. People laid on the ground are apparently a threat to nationalsecurity. What really is a threat to our security is the continuation ofyet more fossil fuel projects, more carbon in the atmosphere and moredeath, misery and hunger. The people were eventually arrested at middayand are now enjoying a well deserved sleep in the luxurious surroundingsof HaverfordWest Police station.Around the same time this morning people also approached the kilometerlong jetty, which will carry the liquid from the supertankers to theterminal. They were prevented from getting on to the jetty; apparentlyit's dangerous unless you have been given health and safety training. Letshope the people of Milford Haven have been given some training for what todo if there is accident. Milford Haven's most experienced shipping pilotshave described the risk of a fatal collision at one of the terminals as a'real everyday reality' which would put 20000 people lives at risk.Just twenty people have managed to cause a splendid commotion at thebuilding site of the South Hook Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in WestWales. It is an inspiring example of how a few people can takeresponsibility for theirs and our future.While work may continue tomorrow on the terminal, yet another spanner hasbeen thrown in their LNG pipedream (I had to have one pipe pun).See

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28 February 2007 - 4:07pm