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Galway continues protest...

Galway continues to protest in solidarity with Rossport
galway | rights and freedoms | news report Friday February 02, 2007 21:40 by TD - Shell to Sea
Statoil's in the frame also !
This evening Shell to Sea activists picketed and protested outside Shell's partner-in-crime, Statoil's (franchised) Service Station in Newcastle Road. As evidenced by the frequent car honking and positive feed back from pedestrians there's still oodles of goodwill and empathy out there for the good people of Rossport and their titanic struggle against corporate thug Shell and their bought shites in government and mainstream media?.

We'll be out in force next Friday evening from 5PM picketing the Westside Shell Service Station where hopefully, we'll be joined by the Rossport 5 or at least the number that show for the Galway launch of their book in Charlie Byrne's Bookstore, Middle Street.
Tanya, Brian and Dan
Harley & Erica

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by Don't Forget Fri Feb 02, 2007 23:09
Go there, get the t-shirt

Shots from today's Galway, S2S's info/petition table in Shop St
by TD - S2S Sat Feb 03, 2007 21:05
Richard shocked the shite outta all of us by showing in a sharp suit, fresh from NUIG's cermonial acknowledgement of him as a brain box. Well done R. well done!

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5 February 2007 - 12:43pm