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Dublin Shell To Sea Local Group

Press Release For immediate release'Tell on Shell'Dublin Shell to Sea is encouraging Shell workers to 'whistle-blow' on Shell's activities in Ireland. Those working in Shell Ireland's headquarters, ironically named 'Corrib House, are being asked to provide 'Shell to Sea' with any information they might have in relation to Shell's future strategy and plans in Ireland.The request for information is contained in a leaflet produced by Dublin Shell to Sea which is aimed directly at those working within the Shell building on Leeson St, Dublin (see below). Shell to Sea activists will hand copies of the leaflet to those entering and leaving the building between 12.30pm and 2pm on Friday 2nd March.A special e-mail address '' has been set up to facilitate employees of Shell who wish to help the campaign to send Shell to Sea.Dublin Shell to Sea has vowed to step up the pressure on Shell headquarters over the course of the coming months. Speaking in advance of Friday's lunchtime protest Dublin Shell to Sea activist Caoimhe Kerins encouraged those working for Shell to provide whatever information they might have 'The people of Erris are being attacked on a daily basis to facilitate the robbery of our natural resources by Shell. Corrib House is the nerve centre of Shell's operations in Ireland. Those working for Shell have a duty to help the people of Erris and the people of Ireland in their fight for justice.'Caoimhe continued, encouraging people to attend the picket on Friday 'The campaign to force Shell to Sea can be won if enough people demand it. The protest on Friday is the first in a series that we have planned for Corrib House. As many people as possible should come along and show their support on Friday.'For further information on Friday's protest or Dublin Shell to Sea phone Brian on 086 8071010

Posted Date: 
24 April 2008 - 9:07pm