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Day 113- 115; Mayo day of support at Bellanaboy.

Day 115; Mayo day of support at Bellanaboy.
mayo | environment | news report Friday January 26, 2007 13:10 by Eve - Shell to Sea
Over 150 show their support.
Today’s Mayo ‘day of support’ at Bellanaboy passed off peacefully despite large number of Gardai. Protester numbers were bolstered by supporters from around the county and the county making over one hundred and fifty in total.
The cops line up.
Protesters gathered from 7am onwards before marching towards the refinery site behind a banner emblazoned ‘end the occupation’. The crowd of Erris residents and supporters made their way slowly towards the refinery gates in semi darkness accompanied by several Gardai. The Shell convoy passed unhindered. Nearer the refinery site gates more Gardai appeared forming a cordon along the centre of the road to keep campaigners back form the gates. The only incident of the day occurred when several Gardai attempted to forcibly move one protester across the road from in front of the metal site wall “for her own safety”. She declined to comply with the unreasonable request and Gardai initially attempted to drag her off before relenting. A national day of support at Bellanaboywill be held on the 16th of February. It is hoped that Shell to Sea supporters from around the country and further a field will travel to Bellanaboy to stand in support and solidarity with the Erris community in their opposition to Shell’s dangerous project.
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Bellanaboy Day 113.
mayo | environment | news report Wednesday January 24, 2007 12:51 by Eve - S2S/RSC
The struggle continues.
Campaigners were out in full force from 6am this morning outside Shell’s proposed refinery site at Bellanaboy. As the convoy of jeeps buses and trucks pulled into the site at half seven the dawn had not yet broken over the bogs of Erris. Protesters stood holding placards and shouting slogans at the vehicles flanked by Gardaí drove in the site’s shiny metal gates.
Cathy tells it like it is.
The earlier than usual start was prompted by the fact that Shell’s morning convoy has been making its way to work earlier than usual in the last week. Yesterday morning campaigners met at the appointed time to find the convoy had already gone past in an effort to avoid them. The metal wall surrounding the site has recently been extended several meters onto the road as part of the gradual annexation of verge by Shell. The wall is supported by piles of blocks propped up against the its inside. Campaigners have monitored work going on inside the site by standing on chairs and looking over the sheet metal, much to the ire of the cops. Some Gardaí take the wall very seriously steadfastly guarding gaps in the sheeting where protesters are wont to peek through. Shell to Sea has recently embarked on a Mayo publicity drive to raise awareness about the campaign and to build for the national rally in Dublin on the 24th of February and the national day of support on the 16th of February at Bellanaboy. Shell’s open days (blatant exercises in Greenwash) in Castlebar and Ballina were flyered, although we found of the small numbers in attendance most were either campaign supporters intent on giving it to John Egan and making the young pretty Shell PR girls cry or hard-line Shell followers whose half though out notions of progress were bolstered by the shiny displays and lip service to community development. The next few weeks will see two excellent fundraising gigs out west. On the 27th of January Ronan O Snodaigh from Kila and Liam O Maonlai will headline a gig in the Welcome Inn in Castlebar, which also features local Mayo artists. The gig starts at 8pm. On the 11th of February the Hawkswell in Sligo is the venue for a traditional music concert, with dozens of well known traditional artists.
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We don't think the cops got the reference.
Work going on inside the fence.
The trailer...still going!
Illustrated London News 1881; The Affray at Belmullet

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26 January 2007 - 7:22pm