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Campaigner communications with Ministers Dempsey and McDowell

Dear Mr Dempsey,
Thank you for your email. We still have grave concerns about the building of a gas & oil terminal at Bellanaboy, the behaviour of the Gardai in trying to intimidate the peaceful protestors, and the dishonest and inflammatory coverage of the issues in many of the media.
One main concern is with the lack of consultation with the people of Erris over the terminal, which will impact heavily on the environment and endanger all living things in the vicinity of the site and the high-pressure pipeline, another over the runoff polluting the public water supply from Carrowmore Lough (causing a brown sediment in water filter jugs, which was not seen before the work began), another over Shell's record so far on human rights and the environment (which can be read at Amnesty International's website), yet another about the treatment of the Rossport Five. There are moral issues which take precedence over the 'right to go to work' - following orders for a paycheque does not absolve one from ethical responsibility. The makers of Zyklon B had every 'right to work', but it was still absolutely wrong to supply poison gas for the Holocaust of the 'enemies of the State'.
Yrs sincerely,
Chris McCabe
Amnesty International memberREPLY FROM MINISTER DEMPSEY - Attached PDF > From: "David X. Monaghan" <>> To: < >> Cc: "Minister's Constituency INBOX"> <Minister'>> Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 12:45 PM > Subject: Department of Justice,Equality and Law Reform January, 2007> Dear Ms McCabe,> I am directed by the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice, Equality and Law> Reform, Mr Michael McDowell, T.D., to refer to your e-mail dated13> November, 2006, in relation to policing at Bellanaboy, Co. Mayo.>> As you may be aware, in order to carry out urgent environmentalworks,> since September 2006, access for workers to a site at Bellanaboy, Co. Mayo,> has been required to be facilitated by the Garda Síochána, in the faceof> protest action by some local campaigners, supported by groupsand> individuals from outside the area. These groups have at times soughtto> prevent the workers from travelling to the site in question, which goes> beyond a peaceful protest on any view.>> The situation at Bellanaboy has been tense at times, and strong emotionson> the part of the demonstrators have clearly been in evidence. However, the> Garda Síochána is duty-bound to uphold the rule of law without fearor> favour, and they have been seeking to do so in a confrontationalscenario> not of their making.> > The Tánaiste does not accept your characterisation of Garda actions atthe> Bellanaboy site.>> I trust that the foregoing addresses your concerns.>>> Yours sincerely, >>> ______________> Private Secretary>>>> Ms Christina McCabe>

Posted Date: 
28 January 2007 - 4:53pm