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Atlantic Dawn trawls for gas,,2095-2471675,00.html
ATLANTIC DAWN, the owner of the world’s biggest supertrawler of the same name, appears to be testing the waters of oil and gas exploration services following the €33m purchase of a vessel equipped with the latest seismic technology, writes Douglas Dalby.
According to a new filing with the Companies Registration Office, the Donegal company is now majority owner of the 6,000-ton Geowave Champion, currently being refitted in Norway and due for launch in January. The ship is being kitted out by Wavefield Inseis, a Norwegian specialist in marine geophysics which counts exploration giants such as Statoil among its customers.
Atlantic Dawn did not return calls but Rick Donoghue, Wavefield’s vice-president for marketing and sales, confirmed the Geowave Champion was being refitted for collecting data on possible oil and gas finds.
“To the best of my knowledge the seismic data and other equipment fitted on this ship is designed purely for marine exploration and would have no relevance to fishing,” he said.
Kevin McHugh, the skipper who built the Atlantic Dawn fleet, died at 60 this month.

Posted Date: 
27 November 2006 - 1:12pm