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Press Release: Dublin Shell to Sea - Bolivian citizens request Irish Government to investigate Irish security firm, IRMS

Dublin Shell to Sea
Press Notice - Issued by Dublin Shell to Sea, on behalf of the Bolivian Confederation of Peasant Workers
Friday, 20th November 2009
Bolivian citizens request Irish Government to investigate Irish security firm, IRMS, due to its links with mercenaries operating in Bolivia.
11 a.m., Friday, 20th November 2009
Department of Foreign Affairs, 82 St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.
Cristian Domínguez, the Secretary of Defence of Natural Resources and the Environment section of the Bolivian Confederation of Peasant Workers (CSUTCB), will today be handing in a letter to the Department of Foreign Affairs requesting a full investigation by the Irish Government into the involvement of Irish security company, IRMS, with right wing mercenary elements in eastern Europe, and antigovernment paramilitary forces operating in Bolivia. Mr. Domínguez is a survivor of the massacre of Pando in 2008. Mr. Domínguez will be accompanied by a representative from the London based Bolivian Solidity campaign. The full text of their letter is attached below.
IRMS have come under public scrutiny for their methods of policing the sites of the Corrib Gas project in Co. Mayo.
In April 2009 Bolivian special forces raided a hotel room in Santa Cruz. During the course of the raid they shot dead Irishman Michael Dwyer, who had worked for IRMS at the Shell compound in Mayo, Eduardo Rozsa Flores, a Croatian-Bolivian fascist and one other man. Two others were arrested. In the following days the Bolivian authorities claimed that the gang around Flores were working to spark a civil war leading to the secession of the gas rich Santa Cruz region. Testimony was given that they had carried out one bombing and were planning a wave of assassinations. Not only had weapons been found in the hotel room but so too were pictures of the men posing with a high powered sniper's rifle capable of hitting a target at 1 km.
Mr. Domínguez will travel to Mayo this weekend to speak to members of the Shell to Sea campaign on his experiences working for the nationalisation of Bolivian natural resources.
The Great Oil and Gas Giveaway
The Shell to Sea campaign has been working to highlight the giveaway of €420 billion worth of oil and gas by the Irish government. A press pack was launched in Dublin on Wednesday 18th November to explain in detail the terms of the current licensing agreements which leave the Irish state with a 0% share in its substantial oil and gas reserves. Please contact us if you require a press pack or further details.
Dear Minister Martin,
As members of Bolivian civil society in Europe we would like to respectfully bring to your attention matters relating to the Irish-based company Integrated Risk Management Services (I-RMS).
We have information that proves that this company employs or has employed well known mercenaries as Coronel Gyla Attila. It is through these mercenaries that Michael Dwyer, an employee of I-RMS made contact with international mercenaries.
The I-RMS company provides security to Fianna Fáil for its annual conferences. As well as providing security for Shell in Rossport, I-RMS had an advert on its website offering armed and un-armed security services internationally. The advert was taken off the website after the death of Michael Dwyer in an armed clashed with the Bolivian police earlier this year.
We would like you to investigate the links between this company and right wing extremist terrorist groups in Europe and the connections they have with our country Bolivia.
Bolivia is a country undergoing a deep process of social, cultural and economic change, which has the support of rank and file social organisations. Our government is the representative of the people and was elected with 53% of the votes and ratified with 68% of the votes in a recall referendum. Its legitimacy cannot be questioned.
The presence of Irish citizen Michael Dwyer in Bolivia coincided with terrorist attacks perpetrated in 2008 and the first months of 2009, aimed at destabilising the process of change we describe above.
The actions which led to the death of Mr Dwyer started back in Ireland, when he worked for Irish company I-RMS. Your government, as well as the Irish media, have asked the Bolivian government to investigate these facts, and this is now being done. However, we would like to request from your government a full investigation into the obscure aims and methods of companies which employ mercenaries or terrorists, and which openly offer their services in Ireland.
Cristian Domínguez, Secretary of Defence of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Bolivian Confederation of Peasant Workers (CSUTCB), is currently visiting Europe. He is a survivor of the massacre of Pando in 2008, which was organised and carried out by those who are experts in organisation wars of secession. Mr. Dwyer and the machinery he was a part of should be investigated for their responsibility in these events which left men, women and children dead, and many survivors scarred for life.
The proof that exists against these mercenary groups is conclusive, but we are worried that they are still active in our country, Bolivia. For all these reasons, and knowing your democratic and peace-loving record, we would like to request from the office you represent:
1.- A full investigation into the legal status of I-RMS in Ireland and the services it offers, as well as an investigation into any other companies offering international armed security services from Ireland.
2.- An investigation into the links between security company I-RMS and extreme right wing elements from Eastern Europe. There are clear indications that Attila, an employee of I-RMS, was the contact who recruited Michael Dwyer for his activities in Bolivia.
3.- Taking into account the danger that these mercenaries pose to our democracy and to Bolivian society as a whole, we would like your government to investigate how many people employed by I-RMS have travelled to Bolivia and whether they are still in our territory.
4.- It is possible that other Irish organisations and/or companies are still offering security training to Irish citizens in Bolivia. If this is the case, the Bolivian government should be informed so it can take action to prevent terrorist activities against the Bolivian state.
5.- We would like to know what knowledge does your government have of these facts and what actions has it taken against these groups and their terrorist activities.
6.- Finally, we would like to respectfully ask that the result of these investigations be made public, so these terrorist cells can be disbanded and cease to be a threat to Bolivia and the world.
Yours sincerely,
Bolivian Confederation of Peasant Workers - Cristian Domínguez
Bolivia Solidarity Campaign-Inglaterra: Amancay Colque - Jose Sagarnaga
ARLAC, Bruselas- Bélgica: Ringo Guzman
Ballet Folclórico Boliviano, Barcelona - España: Severino Viraca
Bolivia Action Solidarity Network-Canada: Marcelo Saavedra Vargas
Cambio Foro Bolivia, Estocolmo- Suecia: Judith Muñoz - Nelson Monsalvez
Centro Cultural Tupac Katari, Estocolmo-Suecia
Comisión Comunicación CPB-EU y CPB-Francia: Jose Luis Martinez
Comité de Apoyo a Bolivia.Malmö-Suecia: Tereza Moreira – Marcelo Torrez
Comitè de Solidaritat amb els Pobles Indígenes d´ Amèrica M. Antònia Arnau
Consejo Pro Bolivia - Escandinavia: Eulogio Limachi - Leonor Churquina
Consejo Pro Bolivia- CPB - Alemania: Roxana Soria – Gladis Schlanbush
Consejo Pro Bolivia Gotemburgo.- Suecia: Walter Vera Rivera - Jorge carrasco
Coordinadora Somos Mas, Barcelona-España: Rosa Rosa Krugler -
Grupo Apoyo a Bolivia, GAB-Estocolmo-Suecia: Jorge Cuenca
Grupo Apoyo a Bolivia, GAB-Växjö-Suecia: Victoria Gonsalez
Grupo de apoyo al MAS, Barcelona-España: Varinia Olivares
Grupo de Apoyo al MAS, Uppsala, Suecia Adriana Petersheim
Latinamerikagrupperna-Gbg. - Suecia: Adolfo Suarez
Por la Comisión Orgánica del Consejo Pro Bolivia en Europa, CPB-EU: Walter Vera Rivera- Victoria Gonsalez
Presencia Latinoamericana (Frente Bolivia)-Suiza: Patricia Ogay