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Galway picket at Shell station last Friday


galway | rights and freedoms | news report Friday October 27, 2006 21:36 by TD - Shell to Sea
Hell hath no fury like Rossport shited on !
This evening, eight Shell to Sea activists picketed the Westside Shell Service Station for two hours, our hearts and ranks swelled with the the infusion of new blood in the form of Somhairle and his crew of nine who prioritised our protest over their Critical Mass bikeride in Galway.
Unfortunately, the limitations of the camera did'nt full crew
If that were'nt sufficient, the final gloss and sheen was put on our protest in the form of a Malaysian UCHG medical student,Diana, stopping by to chat and offer solidarity, the offer of toilet facilities and to "Boil up the kettle" from the manager, I think, of the Community Centre opposite and the presence of Tahsheen, who witnessed Israeli barbarity and viciousness towards his people first hand and who seriously empathises with the beleaguered of Rossport More protests/pickets are planned for next week.
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Richard & Shane of the SP to the forefront of the shot or to be more specific, along with Danny, the spearheads, with apologies to Eoghan Fox of Labour Youth, of S2S protest in Galway when it comes to political parties.
Bemused& delighted Somhairle of Critical Mass & and his much welcomed crew
Taysheen, from the West Bank who was fiery in his revulsion at the recent propaganda visit of the Israeli ambassador to Galway University.
Cool dude Stevo

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by TD - Shell to Sea Fri Oct 27, 2006 22:19
one !.
Neil, back in Galway after his 18 month peregrination around the Globe, a portion of which was spent amongst Ecuadorian natives protesting against Big Oil and the ruthless exploitation of their country.

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30 October 2006 - 6:22pm