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Dempsey confirms government intransigence over alternative site for Corrib gas refinery

'No case' for alternative Corrib gas siteLorna Siggins, Marine Correspondent
Fri 27th Oct 06

Minister for the Marine Noel Dempsey said there is "no case" for looking at alternative sites for the Corrib gas terminal in north Mayo.

He was responding to this month's proposal by engineers Leo Corcoran and Brian Coyle that the Minister should appoint Advantica consultants to identify the "optimum location" for the gas processing terminal. The two engineers believe the terminal to be in the wrong location, due to the proximity to the primary water supply for Erris, and the necessity for a connecting onshore high pressure production pipeline which is in breach of a code of practice.
A spokeswoman for the Minister said Mr Dempsey "is content that the terminal in Bellanaboy has all the necessary permissions, and there is no case for looking at alternative sites".

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Posted Date: 
30 October 2006 - 2:19pm