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Galway Solidarity Protest in empathy with the beleaguered people of Rossport.

More of the same is planned !
This evening, from 6 to 7.20 PM, 15 Shell to Sea activists picketed the Westside Shell Service Station and we were much heartened by the unstinting support and warmth of the passing motorists, joggers and pedestrians - except for one pathetic creature shouting; "Get a job" and "Hippies" (true). Galway Shell to Sea were/are most appreciative of Sinn Fein and Socialist Party Young Turks who swelled and graced our ranks.

Another one is planned for next Friday evening, same time same target. Please attend if you're able?.
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Haixia from China

Aoife and son, Sean
ghts and freedoms | news report Friday September 29, 2006 20:57 by TD - Shell to Sea
More of the same is planned !

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30 September 2006 - 7:32pm