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Shell fined 110million Euros by EU!!

Just a quick note to say that while holidaying in Italy 2 weeks ago i picked up a copy of the "International Herald Tribune" which contained an article about Shell's persistant illegal over charging in the European Bitiumen(road dressing) market. A number of oil companies were fined but Shell received by far the largest one for its particualry bad record on the matter
Yes folks! Shell prove one again why they are the lowest of the low, despite stiff competition from many other oil multinationals. In a recent Judgement the EU has fined a number of giant oil companies a total of 230M euros for illegal activities and over pricing on the European Bitumen market. Companies involved include Shell, Exon and BP. Shell got by far the biggest slice of the fine (110m euros) due to, in the EU's own words "Persistant and ongoing infrgiments in this market despite repeated warnings and failure to co-operate with the inquiry on this matter" And some people still wonder why the people of Erris are none to keen to have this shower running the place with the help of their state puppets!!! PS - Unsuprisingly I could not find any reference to this piece of news in the mainstream Irish media!!
international | eu | news report Thursday September 28, 2006 04:51 by cool j

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29 September 2006 - 11:18am