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Shell To Sea Statement - September 28th, 2006

This Saturday marks the first anniversary of the release of the Rossport Five from prison. The event will be marked by the planting of a yew tree near Shell’s proposed gas processing plant site at Bellanaboy. The tree will be planted by Andrew St. Leger of the Woodland League. Weather permitting, this event will be followed by music and a barbecue at Bellanaboy. The Shell to Sea campaign notes and acknowledges the overwhelming support we are receiving from the people of Mayo. The recent TG4 poll showed that 66% of respondents supported the stance of the Rossport Five and 61% want Shell to process the gas off-shore. Next week, we will be releasing full details of our petition currently being signed in the area surrounding Shell’s proposed project. This petition demonstrates overwhelming local support for our position and opposition to Shell.Taken together, these show that it we who are the majority on this issue. Shell are involved in a bizarre form of ‘consent-splitting’. They claim to want consent for a modified pipeline route but are indifferent to local views on their processing plant. Consent is a principle of democracy that cannot be divided in this way to suit Shell’s PR considerations. There is no local consent for their project. Seeking to characterise local people as ‘protesters’ or ‘a minority’ demonstrates the extent to which Shell are in denial about the reality and their profound disconnection from the people that must live beside their proposed project.For verification or comment contact Mark Garavan 087-9023687For additional comment contact Andrew St Leger 087-9933157.

Posted Date: 
29 September 2006 - 11:13am