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Frontline Report: "Breakdown in Trust: A Report on the Corrib Gas Dispute"

The Frontline report entitled: "Breakdown in Trust: A Report on the Corrib Gas Dispute"  report is available to
download here.

Below are some selected sections from the Frontline Defenders report

  • It is clear that the Corrib gas dispute raises human rights issues;
  • Whether or not the protesters are correct in the human rights that they are
    asserting is irrelevant under the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders.
  • Allegations of republican direction of protests in Mayo appear unfounded and
  • Some – but not all – of what people call intimidation simply involves people
    no longer talking to each other. 


Listen to Andrew Anderson, Deputy Director of Frontline International speak about the report here

New inquiry into alleged assault urged

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

AN INDEPENDENT report for the Frontline human rights organisation recommends that gardaí from outside Mayo carry out a new investigation into the alleged assault on Rossport farmer Willie Corduff (56) a year ago at the Corrib gas pipe landfall at Glengad.

The analysis by barrister Brian Barrington of a number of incidents relating to the Corrib gas dispute is critical of Shell, the Garda, I-RMS security, which is employed by Shell, the Department of Energy and a minority of protesters.

The report, to be released today, publishes medical records and an independent medical assessment that dispute claims by Shell’s security contractor that “not a finger” was laid on Mr Corduff on April 23rd, 2009.

It finds that residents protesting peacefully on health and safety grounds about the gas project have the right to be described as “human rights defenders” under United Nations guidelines.

petition link is working again!


The link is working again:
Please sign the new AFRI petition calling for a suspension on all works on the Corrib Gas project pending independent investigations into the project.  Please sign and circulate widely

‘Unlawful detention’ of protestors – Do Human Rights matter?


The ongoing saga unfolding in North Mayo around the Corrib gas project has seen years of protests and opposition from the local community and their supporters. In recent times, one of the most hotly contested arenas has been the courts, as more and more campaigners are charged and prosecuted for their opposition to Shell. But many of these charges seem to be more about persecuting the campaign than upholding law and order, and recent sittings of the courts have shown the Gardai to be far from even-handed in their policing of the protestors.

Niall Harnett jailed for 6 months

 Niall Harnett was today (Wednesday) sentenced to six months in Castlerea prison at Ballina Circuit court, for protests against Shell's proposed experimental pipeline. Mr Harnett had a sentence of six months imposed after refusing to undertake satisfactory community service. The sentence was in relation to a 'Reclaim the Beach' protest in the summer of 2008 where Mr Harnett went to the aid of another protestor who was being assaulted by Gardai. He also had a five month sentence confirmed by the court – these sentences will be served concurrently. Mr Harnett further had a two year driving ban affirmed. 


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