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Event Notice: Targets and victims of British undercover police operations in Ireland speak out, demand answers and action.

--  Shell to Sea supports Jason Kirpatrick and other Core Participants in UCPI/Pitchford Inquiry  --

A press event jointly organised by Jason Kirkpatrick and Shell to Sea is scheduled for Buswell's Hotel on Monday 06 February from 11.00am to 1pm.

Mark Kennedy (middle) undercover at Bellanaboy

Jason Kirkpatrick was a victim in Ireland of British undercover officer Mark Kennedy. Mr. Kirkpatrick is a former Deputy Mayor from Arcata, California, and is a "Core Participant" in the Undercover Policing Inquiry (UCPI) which covers England and Wales.

6 February 2017 - 11:00am - 1:00pm

If Apple won’t pay tax what hope is there for civilisation?

Paul Sweeney - Irish Times

Multinationals owe responsibility to a wider group than their shareholders

Brussels has been accused of “bending the rules” in its pursuit of Apple for €13 billion in taxes it says should have been paid in Ireland. But in truth it is the multinationals and their corporate lawyers and accountants who have twisted the rules on taxation almost out of existence.

The tax system had been “captured” by the tax avoidance industry. Multinationals were paying less and less tax and states were reduced to tax wars against each other in failing efforts to attract them.

Posted Date: 
2 February 2017

Discrepancy in Shell’s Corrib Gas Project financial filings?

John Donovan -

I have received information from Maura Harrington, spokesperson for the Shell to Sea campaign in Ireland concerning questions arising from the filed Shell financial accounts (2015) relating to the controversial construction of the Corrib natural gas pipeline in Ireland.

Maura would like the information to be brought to the attention of Shell shareholders so that if others examine the information she has already downloaded from the Irish Companies Registration Office (CRO) and share her concern, questions can be raised at the forthcoming Royal Dutch Shell Plc AGM.

Posted Date: 
23 January 2017

British #SpyCops in Ireland: What is @FitzgeraldFrncs covering up? An interview with Jason Kirkpatrick


I spoke to Jason Kirkpatrick targeted by British undercover police across several countries including Germany, N Ireland, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. The officer was Mark Kennedy attached to the UK’s National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU.) Kennedy operated in many European countries including several deployments to Ireland.

Posted Date: 
8 January 2017

Fishing rights: ‘Big corporations win out, because they have clout

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

Supertrawler Atlantic Dawn sold a decade ago but deal works against smaller operations

The former owners of Atlantic Dawn, which once was Ireland’s biggest-ever trawler, stand to gain a bounty of at least €135 million from a series of decisions by successive governments about the rules pertaining to the Irish fleet.

The Dutch supertrawler Annelies Ilena – the renamed Atlantic Dawn – after being detained by the Irish Navy and Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority off the Donegal coast in November 2013. Photograph: Niall Duffy

Although the supertrawler was sold to a Dutch multinational in 2007, its one-time owners, the Atlantic Dawn Group, were able to retain its so-called “fishing asset” – its hugely valuable tonnage, kilowatts and quota rights under European Union rules.

Ironically, the value of those assets was increased substantially by the European Commission’s decision, more than a decade ago, to hinder the efforts of owners of other Irish vessels, mainly in the pelagic supertrawler category, to upgrade their fleet.

Fifteen years ago, an Irish civil servant warned that a deal brokered by then EU commissioner David Byrne and then taoiseach Bertie Ahern would hand the Atlantic Dawn Group extraordinary influence. This has “come to pass”, say industry sources.

Posted Date: 
9 January 2017
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