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Rocky History of Our Right to Natural Resources

Vincent Salafia - Irish Examiner

The 1937 Constitution removed Irish citizens’ rights to the natural resources of their nation that are enjoyed by the citizens of other countries the world over, writes Vincent Salafia


IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT WATER - Joe Murray (left) Andy Storey (right) of AFRI and Terence Conway (centre) of SHELL TO SEA at Decemebr 10th Water Protest in Dublin


SINCE time immemorial, the practical reality of kingship or sovereignty over a nation has involved a system whereby the leader of a particular dynasty or group takes power over national resources, then plunders and divides them between his relatives and supporters.

It happened under ancient Irish kings, and then in earnest under the Norman feudal system, beginning in 1169.

That practice continues to this day in Ireland. With each successive government we see a selling-off of national assets and resources in order to benefit the ruling parties, as opposed to the common good.

It is happening now with water, as it has with other natural resources and national assets, such as oil and gas, minerals, fisheries, wind energy, telecoms, even agriculture, due to the 1937 Constitution which granted ownership of natural resources, including all forms of energy, to the State, in Article 10.

Posted Date: 
15 December 2014

The Rolling Tav Revue---No Privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation!

Kitchen Sessions - YouTube

No privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation,
no privatisationAaah shtop!
No privatisationIrish Water, Irish Nation,
no privatisationAaah shtop!

Enda Kenny not a penny, we won't pay at all
Your corruption and your policies are worse than Fianna Fail
Denny and Kenny, watch the paper trail
Irish Water's not for sale!

No privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation,
no privatisationAaah shtop!

No way, no way, no way

Your smear campaign is obvious we've seen it all before
You try to call us terrorists while you batter down the door
But from Rossport to Jobstown the 20 metre ban
Police brutality is black and tan!

No privatisation, Irish Water, Irish Nation,
no privatisationAaah shtop!

Posted Date: 
9 December 2014

Swiss Role in Aggressive Tax Avoidance by Royal Dutch Shell

John Donovan -

The lead article in The Sunday Times Business section today (authored by Simon Duke and David Smith) says that Britain is at the forefront of a crackdown on corporate tax avoidance – a blitz on tax avoidance by multinationals.

The UK Treasury  is planning a consultation on forcing multinationals like Royal Dutch Shell to declare how much tax they pay in every country in which they operate.

Posted Date: 
2 December 2014

Emergency Response ... in the unlikely event of an incident occurring...


[Shell to Sea]  Below are 2 letters that were sent by Shell to residents living close to the Bellanaboy refinery and raw gas pipeline about their Emergency Response Plan.  How many of the Shell propagandists used down through the years have to fill out this form?

Posted Date: 
29 November 2014

Peoples' Forum 2014 - 'Community in a Corporate Imperium'

PDF of the Papers presented is available here
22 November 2014 - 10:00am - 4:00pm
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