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We need to reclaim our energy resources and return power to citizens before we turn on each other

Tom Ryan - Letter to The Examiner

IOUs (promissory notes) are being drawn on the Irish taxpayer on a weekly basis from the Irish Central Bank to release cash for shoring up private banks due to deposits being withdrawn.

The ‘extra liquidity assistance’ being provided by the Central Bank, €44.6 billion to end November 2010 to private banks, is being met by promissory notes for €31bn, €2bn in other assets, and €11.5bn, but tolerates our Central Bank accepting these ‘assets.’

There is no end in sight of the shoring up of private banks, at least not until taxpayers’ monies are all gone. Citizens have no current means of stopping this. The information was investigated by a lay person.

Private/personal debts are at €177bn, €117bn on 789,000 mortgages and €60bn on personal loans and credit cards.

In order to avail of the IMF/ECB bailout the Government, whilst denying a loan was being organised, was staking for the loan, Bord Gáis, the ESB, Irish motorways, CIE, our national oil (and gas) reserves, our stake in Aer Lingus, anything valuable in the Irish banks, all of the national pension fund. Elected representatives tried hiding this.

Wikileaks revealed that Shell discussed offshore Irish gas with the US Government, telling them there may be 20 more Corrib gas fields offshore. There might possibly not be, but, another field of similar size to Corrib is currently being opened; there are very likely to be several Corribs, not even mentioning oil reserves.

Wikileaks also indicated that it is reckoned by the US and Shell that the Irish Government have no energy strategy.

Shell and other foreign oil companies hold our offshore oil and gas assets. The Irish pension fund is siphoning away into private banks’ debts. Children being currently well educated will have to emigrate to live.

Old people in an increasingly elderly population will, by 2025, be faced with having no pension fund due to it being used up 2008-2011, with most of it being spent by December 2010; about €10bn remains at present.

Drug use will increase in housing estates, quelling resistance, and drug gangs will rule, causing destabilisation.

An inert, supine, fourth estate kept us uniformed whilst our private banking system was destroyed, whilst developers wrecked the building industry, whilst elected representatives destroyed the Irish Republic and continue making destitute poorer citizens, whist the rich avoid payment of taxes during a time of dire need.

Citizens have to gain control of governance. We have to gain control of oil and gas, have to renegotiate the IMF/ECB loan deal, and have to recover lost taxes.

It is even in the interests of such organs as NATO/EU that Ireland be viable and stable.

We have to stop these Irish central bankers siphoning off what remains as cash to private banks on promissory notes of private bankers drawn on Irish taxpayers.

We citizens have, in other words, to work together in order to survive and eat, to reclaim our oil and gas, and recover, before we turn on each other.

Those in power must not be allowed get away with what is taking place; power must — has to be — removed from them and vested again in citizens and their legal, lawful, fully accountable representatives.

Tom Ryan
Dún Bleisce
Co Limerick