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Video: Man evades Gardai in high speed bike chase in Mayo

Conor Heneghan -

High speed bike chases are normally the preserve of over dramatic US TV shows, but you rarely hear of them in Mayo. Until recently that is.

Footage of the, eh, high speed chase (see above) surfaced on the web in recent days of this crusader’s valiant attempt to evade the attention of three Gardai in the vicinity of the controversial Rossport site in North Mayo, where the Shell to Sea protesters are still fighting the good fight.

In the end, the fleeing man, described by some as the fastest man on two wheels since Valentino Rossi, is viciously accosted by three Gardai, much to the annoyance of spectators, who pleaded with the law to leave him alone and let him do what he wants.

Once things had all calmed down, a Bean Garda tried to scare off the cyclist with quotes from the Road Traffic Act, but she should have known that no rules apply to this maverick renegade.

In case you think we're messing by the way, this is actually real footage. Enjoy the ‘chase’ for yourself in the video above.

Posted Date: 
28 January 2012