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There was a massive reaction to the documentary, Atlantic, that aired on RTÉ One last night

Conor Heneghan -

Praise was in plentiful supply, but the content of the documentary made a lot of people angry.

The multi-award winning documentary, Atlantic, aired on RTÉ One on Thursday night, a documentary made by the same team behind the acclaimed 2010 documentary The Pipe (which covered the controversial Shell pipeline off the west coast of Ireland) and narrated by Brendan Gleeson.

Atlantic started out as a crowd-funding project and took five years to make and the end result is a compelling and at times disturbing account of three coastal communities in Ireland, Newfoundland and Norway and their struggle to cope with oil exploration and industrial fishing in their waters.

Those who tuned into Atlantic on RTÉ One on Thursday night expressed praise for its quality, yet the overriding emotion was one of anger at officialdom for the exploitation of resources and its effect on coastal communities.


Irish politics are tragic. Giving away gas, fish, oil, minerals. This country could be the wealthiest EU nation.

"Never valued and never understood in Dublin". An excellent and tragic summary of how Ireland has treated fishing

Good to see trending. Film once deemed 'too political' to show in Leinster House (it eventually was). Hope ministers now watching.


Brilliant show on @rte about what stupid decisions our governments have made in the past. It really would make your blood boil...


cut through bureaucratic spin and told a very raw story from WITHIN the small communities directly affected by policy. Sár-obair!


Absolutely spitting venom here </p />
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Posted Date: 
9 December 2016