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ShellOutSounds perform "Riddle of the Niger Delta" at South Bank in protest at Shell sponsorship

rikki indymedia

[Shell to Sea]  This video features some Shell to Sea campaigners protesting against Shell in London.  At the very end of the video there is a callout to come to Mayo for the 21st to 30th June

ShellOutSounds perform "Riddle of the Niger Delta" at South Bank in protest at Shell sponsorship from rikki indymedia on Vimeo.

Musical campaign group, ShellOutSounds, are performing a series of actions at Shell-sponsored arts events to highlight the human rights, ecological and democratic abuses of the oil corporation.

They ask why arts bodies like the South Bank Centre are associating themselves with such philistine trans-nationals, and their performances and leafletting aim to undermine the subliminal advertising that Shell relies on through its ever-present logo on concert programmes and promotional material.

Highlighting that Shell cynically sponsor the arts as a cheaper and more effective alternative to expensive advertising, they compare the tiny donation given to the South Bank against the huge sums given to the Nigerian military to keep control over people who have lost their land to pollution and ecological devastation.

The footage was recorded at a rehearsal on the 21st and at the performances on the 22nd April 2013.

Leaflets were handed out to the audience (there to see Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra), and feedback from the onlookers was overwhelmingly positive, with several asking how they can help the campaign to stop the South Bank from entering into these sordid arrangements.

The security head engaged in dialogue with the protestors and agreed to feedback the reactions of punters and to facilitate further contact and discussion with the South Bank management.

join the campaign at
sign this open letter to the CEO at the South Bank and tell your friends to sign too

Posted Date: 
28 April 2013