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Shell targeted in anti-greenwash stunt at international conference

London Rising Tide -

“No-one will want to listen to me after that!”

Yesterday's prestigious Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference in the International Conference Centre (ICC) at the ExCeL Centre, London was interrupted by two London Rising Tide protesters.

During a panel discussion entitled “The planet in 2050”, at the exact moment that Shell's senior energy advisor Martin Haigh was about to speak the two protesters walked calmly across the stage, banner in hand, and were greeted with a loud, spontaneous round of applause from hundreds of people in the audience. As the protesters left the auditorium they were rewarded with hand shakes, thumbs up and another round of applause. Haigh was flustered and responded with words along the lines of “No-one will want to listen to me after that!”

London Rising Tide are asking why Shell were ever allowed to take part in this conference in the first place, given their record of environmental and human rights atrocities in Nigeria, Ireland, and Canada to name but a few places, and their investments in carbon-intensive fossil fuels such as oil from tar sands and shale gas, while abandoning funding for renewable energies.

The action got a lot of support on Twitter:!/OrganicInfinity/status/184308641137041410!/ResearchEurope/status/184232560602267649!/AndyMorse/status/184232610237648898!/TheRoadTo/status/184233068549259265!/SimonLLewis/status/184233073259450368!/PeterPannier/status/184238015571431425!/chiversdanny/status/184242136982622208!/ruthdavis27/status/184244851615870977!/350_Espanol/status/184272812062674944

And even a post from blogger sat firmly on the fence:

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27 March 2012