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Shell to Sea statement to the Dáil Committee on Offshore Exploration Licences

FAO: Chairperson Joint Oireachtas Committee CNRA

Ref: CNRA-i-63-2011

Shell to Sea cannot, in good faith, attend the 29 November meeting of the CNRA Joint Oireachtas Committee because we believe that in so doing we would be facilitating economic treason through the continued giveaway of our oil and gas at a time of current and future hardship for the Irish people.

  • Article 10.1 Bunreacht na h-Éireann states: All natural resources, including the air and all forms of potential energy, within the jurisdiction of the Parliament and Government established by this Constitution and all royalties and franchises within that jurisdiction belong to the State subject to all estates and interests therein for the time being lawfully vested in any person or body.
  • Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D. Higgins stated in Erris 06 November 2006 “The resources of Ireland belong to the people of Ireland.
  • The continued giveaway of our oil and gas at a time of great national hardship is nothing short of treasonable
  • The communities of north Mayo have seen the ugly face of state/corporate collusion for the past eleven years and continue to fight for their rights and the rights of all citizens.
  • Before he died Justin Keating stated ‘If we waste this resource, it will be a crime against Irish people. We're in danger of doing it. I would like to see the abrogation or long-fingering of existing agreements and to open up the situation to the world.
  • The Shell to Sea campaign began in Co. Mayo, home of Michael Davitt whose Land League reclaimed the land of Ireland for the people of Ireland. The proposed Corrib project has shown up all that is rotten with governance and light touch regulation in this state – Shell to Sea will continue our struggle to defend our Place and to reclaim the natural resources of Ireland for the people of Ireland.


Posted Date: 
29 November 2011