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Shell to Sea Solidarity action Ghent (Belgium)

A.K. GENT - Indymedia

6th of january


On the 6th of january we held a blockkade of a Shell gasstation in the city of Ghent (Belguim)
We did this blockkade out of solidarity with the people who are resisting Shell in Rossport, Ireland. We also wanted to commemorate the 9 Ogoni activists who were murderd by Shell in the Nigerdelta.
During the action we were able to turn away most of the cars afther we had a conversation with the drivers. We also handed out informative flyers to people passing by and showed our banners. who said "SHELL OUT OF IRELAND" and "SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE IN ROSSPORT AND THE NIGERDELTA"
Afther about one hour the police arrived and broke up the blockkade and checked everybody's id cards.
Greetings from Ghent to the people in Rossport and the Nigerdelta

Let the fight go on !!!
Shell to Sea !!!
Solidarity without borders !!!!

(anarchist collective Ghent)

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