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Shell to Sea activists claim cannon was turned on them

Western People

SHELL to Sea activists have claimed a water cannon was turned on them as they protested at a quarry.

A group of seven protestors entered the Lennon quarry in Glencastle on Thursday last. They said that they were protesting against the quarry providing stone to the Corrib gas project.

The group allege that as six of them mounted a digger and truck, a water jet was turned on them. Gardaí have said that they have yet to receive a complaint about the water jet incident but added that a file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) in relation to trespass at the quarry.

On Friday, around 30 protestors blocked the road at Shramore, close to the Bord na Mona peat site, as part of a day of action. The protest began at around 9.30am and finished at

5.30pm. Gardaí said that a number of people had to be removed from the road in order for traffic to pass. A funeral party was held up in the protest. A spokesperson for Shell to Sea said that any delay caused to the cortege was "extremely slight".

One man was arrested during the road blockade. A man in his forties, who is not from the locality, was arrested for public order related offences.

He was released on bail and will appear before Belmullet District Court on February 8 next.

Posted Date: 
20 January 2012