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Shell Garda Corruption scandal explodes in mainstream press

John Donovan -

Almost a year after we first broke news of the OSSL allegations against Shell, claiming it had been used by Shell EP Ireland to corrupt the Irish police (the Garda), the story has now exploded in the UK and Irish mainstream press. The Observer published a full page article yesterday and the main Irish newspapers have covered the story this morning. There are now calls for an International Independent Inquiry.

Shell and the Garda have attempted to hide behind a smokescreen device claiming initial internal investigations found no evidence. Because of the continued pressure that this website applied in a variety of ways, including regularly publishing evidence and articles, contacting Alan Shatter, the Irish Justice Minister, and every member of the Irish Parliament etc, both Shell and the Garda have launched further investigations. In the case of Shell, after the personal intervention in May by Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Peter Voser, after he was cornered at the Shell AGM.

Neither Shell, the Irish government, nor the Irish Police, are willing to make a straightforward denial that the events alleged by OSSL never happened. This is because they know the allegations are founded on fact.

We published an OSSL invoice to Shell for a consignment of the free booze. It named police officers. Neither Shell, the Irish government nor the Garda have said that this is false evidence. If it is, why did the Garda not launch a criminal investigation against OSSL when we first published the invoice several months ago?

It is also important to note that the senior police officers we have named on this website have not sued for defamation. Why not? If it was because the allegations were just on a blog site, then perhaps they will now issue proceedings against The Observer?

Lawyers at The Observer can relax. That will not happen because the allegations are true.

So here we have an incredible situation in which a small company publicly and repeatedly admits that it engaged in large scale long term bribery of the Irish Police on the express instruction of its masters, Shell EP Ireland. It admits that related invoices were falsified on the instruction of Shell to hide what was going on. It admits that the free booze used to bribe the police was brought across the border in a clandestine operation. Yet nearly a year after we first published these admissions, there is no criminal investigation of OSSL? Does that not strike anyone as being impossible to explain unless it is all part and parcel of a cover-up involving Shell, the Garda and the Irish Government?

No wonder The Observer headline describes it as a “Strange tale”. 

OSSL managers deserve whistleblower status for having the courage to expose Shell despite the threats made by the oil giant and its agents.

Posted Date: 
12 August 2013