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Shell construction halted again in Erris as their own security vehicle is turned into a blockade

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On the second day of intended works on the controversial Corrib gas project, Shell’s attempts to restart work have yet again been stopped. In an attempt to stop campaigners blocking access to the proposed compound site, private security firm IRM-S parked a vehicle in the gateway, hoping to remove the vehicle when workers attempted to gain access. At 7 o clock yesterday evening a member of Rossport Solidarity Camp turned the security vehicle into a blockade by locking onto the undercarraige of the vehicle stopping it from moving.

The vehicle which was parked at the access point to the site remained immobile all night as the campaigner refused to leave. This morning work could not begin access was stil blocked. In an effort to intimidate campaigners 70 private security men from the firm IRM-S arrived and in the presence of former army Ranger Jim Farrell and manager of the firm violently attacked supporters. A witness was shocked by the level of needless violence and force used. In this action IRM-S were backed up by members of The Garda public order unit who arrested one protestor violently pulling up them from a vehicle. They have subsequently been released without charge. The Gardai had sealed off the road and are attempting to remove the campaigner who has now been removed.

Rossport Solidarity Camp are asking campaigners from around the country to "come up straight away or join us for the Days of Action this Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd April. Accomodation & food provided, donations welcome. email or txt 0851141170 for details." Dublin Shell to Sea is organising transport for people to travel to Erris for Friday if numbers permit. If you are interested please contact us ASAP at 086 7362417 or

Posted Date: 
30 March 2011